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Who are We?

“Global Workplace Law & Policy” is a Kluwer Law International blog, and it is designed to address the significant changes taking place in the world of work, and employment relations around the globe. The ‘Global Workplace’ concept is used to refer to the dramatic shift of the world of work, which refers to a diversity of work arrangements and settings, and which captures changes in the ways of working or the various approaches to work, not limited to one specific space or location and taking into account major developments such as globalisation, new technologies and other major societal trends or change.
While being driven by questions of regulation, and founded within the discipline of labour and employment law, this blog aims to describe, capture, and explore current and future trends in the broad sphere of regulation, governance, and policy. The blog additionally aims to be an information leader for practitioners in human resources and, industrial relations, as well as policy makers. With the complexity of global problems related to the workplace, “Global Workplace Law & Policy” strongly promotes interdisciplinarity and cross-referencing to different relevant fields.
We have gathered together leading legal experts in the area of labour law. They in turn are strengthened by a network of professionals from diverse backgrounds to offer both established and new voices. The result is a fresh, high-quality, and timely examination of law and policy questions relating to the new world of work.

What is Your Role?

Of course, we welcome you as a faithful reader, but we also welcome your comments. The blog format provides an opportunity for everyone to participate, but comments must respect our Editorial Policy. We also will be inviting guest bloggers from time to time to contribute.

How Do You Contact Us?

Our goal is to be responsive as possible to our readers.
If you have a substantive question or want to write for the blog please contact one of our managing editors: Frank Hendrickx and David Mangan.
If you have a technical question, please contact us here.
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